Please complete the membership form and drop it off during business hours at: The German Canadian Club of Calgary, 218 – 37 Ave NE, Calgary

Annual Membership fee C$ 30.00

President’s Report

First of all I wish our Board as well as the membership of the German Canadian Club a happy, prosperous and a personally fulfilling year ahead. In the spirit of fellowship and true German partying, as well as the mild winter weather, New Year’s Eve was deemed to be a successful event. The guests were jovial, the food very tasty, the beverage in abundance and the music supplied by the Brabec band was upbeat and compatible with the public spirit.

Again we are ultimately grateful to our dedicated volunteers. Yet we need to continue to seek more new support from our membership as well – our welcome is always open to new volunteers, especially as we plan to host a variety of events and some new projects in the months ahead.

I like to thank all the Directors of the Board for their tireless support in making everything work well, as decorating for the Adventsfeier or the New Year‘s event. As well the Club has entered the age of current technology with its new electronic monetary system.

Now we look forward to some of the social events for the coming months, the February 3 and March 3 Kaffeekränzchen, the February 16 St. Valentine’s and March 16 St. Patrick’s dances, the ongoing Wednesday Skat evenings, the daytime card gamers, and those upcoming activities in the planning. Now we encourage you to invite all your friends, family members to enjoy all that our beautiful facility has to offer. 

Graciously submitted,

Annie Breitwieser

President of the German Canadian Club of Calgary

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