To All German Canadian Club Members, Volunteers and Supporters:

We have decided to error on the side of caution.

We will be closing our club to the public until at least the end of April.
At that time we will decide on whether to open again, or stay closed.

Should you need any questions answered in the mean time. Someone will be checking messages on the phone every few days.
So I ask you all to try and stay healthy, and we have a big party when this is over.

Alles Gute and Best Regards
Eric Luz

Dear Fellow German Club Members.

Happy 90th anniversary. For those who do not know it. Our club was formed in 1931, so that makes us 90 this year.

I hope you all had a nice and pleasant Christmas and New Year.

Even though we have nothing going on at the club right now, I am writing this newsletter to inform you all that our club still stands and exists.

The board and I have decided that in the interest in fairness, we will be offering free membership for the year 2021.

Due to the fact that we were unable to offer our members very little because of covid-19.

Also we are unsure as to what we can offer for the seeable future, due to our current laws.

So please sign up for your membership on our webpage. If you still do not have a computer, contact me and I will help you. 403-861-4644 cell.

If you do not have a computer, call us and we can also help you set one up. (It’s about time you joined the new world). HaHa

Should you know someone who wants to try our German club, but never did because of cost. Now is their chance to be member for free.

Should you have already paid, you will be refunded.

The Skat club will also be offering free membership this year. So if you want to try your luck at skat, as soon as we are allowed again, feel free to join us.

Also, as far as the general meeting is concerned. We will do that when we are allowed to, or we will have meeting in the summer out back.

So should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or one of our board members. We are here if you need us.


Prost and Cheers to you all.

Your President Eric Luz and the whole board of directors.


Goals and Objectives of the German Canadian Club of Calgary

To promote the German language, culture, heritage and customs.

To promote activities of pleasure, recreation, culture and educational or similar purpose.

To provide a meeting place for the German Canadian Community and other residents of Calgary.

To enhance the multicultural nature of Calgary through interactions with organizations of other ethnic and / or language origin, and to participate in other cultural activities.

The Club is a non-profit and non-partisan organization.

Der  Deutsch Kanadische Club ist eine gemeinnützige und parteilose Organisation, die sich der Förderung der deutschen Sprache, Kultur, Erbe und Sitten verschrieben hat. Darin sehen wir die Durchführung von Freizeit-, Erholungs-, Kultur- und Bildungs- oder ähnlichen Aktivitäten.

Unsere Gesellschaft betrachtet sich als Bindeglied zur Förderung der Kanadischen Gemeinschaft und anderen Einwohnern Calgarys im Sinne des multikulturellen Charakters von Calgary durch Interaktionen mit Organisationen anderer ethnischer Herkunft und/oder Sprache sowie Teilnahme an anderen kulturellen Aktivitäten und stellt dafür als Treffpunkt das Clubhaus zur Verfügung.

To find more information about our groups click on the images below:

Ladies Choir



Card Group


Every Saturday morning we are on air for our local and international listeners with our German radio show “Bunte Welle”. We are focused on the most beautiful German hits of all times, and entertain a wide range of people with our music selection, information about the artists, current affairs and local events. We are part of the multicultural program.

Responsible for radio “Bunte Welle” are Hilli and Fritz Schmitt, whereby Hilli leads you through the show as a moderator and Fritz acts as a technician in the background. Fritz has been a volunteer of CJSW almost as long as the campus radio station has existed. Each of us have many years of experience in moderation.

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