NEWS from The German Canadian Club of Calgary

Who wants to play Chess?

A new member, Gerry Vogelsang, suggested we find out if there is enough interest in having a weekly / monthly chess group meeting.
It should be open to all levels of players, male and females but not to members that have not played before and are beginners.

Would you please e-mail Gerry at or phone 403 239 0075 and let him or us know if you are interested and when you would like to play.
YES I’m interested – click here!
Need names and phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Every Tuesday afternoon, evening, Saturday or when?

NEW – Pay your annual Membership Fee ONLINE

The membership period is from January 01st to December 31st of each year.

The membership fee is $25.00 / year / individual.
The membership fee is $40.00 / year / couple.

Membership to the German Canadian Club is open to an individual who:

1. is in agreement with the Club constitution
2. is aware that the Club promotes and supports German culture and language
3. has not committed a criminal act
4. has paid the membership fee for the year in full

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